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Terms and Conditions 


Criteria for Participation 


The awards are open to ER&D organizations in the following categories 

  • GCCs 

  • Service Providers 

  • Start Ups 

  • Indian Manufacturing Companies 


The participating companies could have presence in the following industry verticals 

  • Automotive  

  • Consumer Electronics  

  • Industrial & Energy 

  • Aerospace & Defense 

  • Telecom 

  • Semiconductors 

  • Computing systems 

  • Medical devices 




Engineering, Research & Development (ER&D): Engineering services are those that augment or manage processes that are associated with the creation of a product or service, as well as those associated with maximizing the life span and optimizing the yield associated with a product or asset. This not only includes design elements of the product or service itself, but also encompasses the infrastructure, equipment and processes engaged in manufacturing/delivering them. R&D services involve providing research and development for hardware and software technologies, running on embedded systems.  


Start-Up: An entity working on building hardware and software technology solutions, running on embedded systems. The age of the entity should be less than 5 years, originated from India, and it should have at least a prototype or an MVP. 


Indian Manufacturing Company: A manufacturing company with its global headquarters registered in India with focus on engineering, research, development, and manufacturing of products. 


Key Considerations 

  • Date of Submission – The last date for submissions is 26th February 2021  

  • Verification of Submissions –   Apart from the information contained within this document, NASSCOM may reach out to the organization for additional information to evaluate the application. 

  • The award is open to all entities registered in India (both members and non-members of NASSCOM) 

  • NASSCOM does not charge any fees for participation in this initiative 

  • Please note that any information shared in the RFI/Online Nomination form will be kept strictly confidential and will be covered under the standard NDA between NASSCOM and participating company. 

Terms and Conditions for Product Categories

For Product Categories (Best Futuristic Product, Best Designed-In-India Product and Engineered for Social Impact) 


  • Over 70% of the Product Lifecycle Ownership should be in India 

  • The product should be a hardware or a software running on embedded systems or both 

  • The nominated product should have been launched in the market after Jan 2018  

  • The product should be external customer facing in nature 

  • Participating organizations can nominate up to 3 products under each category 



Download Application for Each Category Here​- This is only for reference and will not be accepted as official response


ER&D Service Provider

ER&D Tech Startup

Indian Manufacturing Company

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